Vail Gondolas – Everything You Need to Know

The Vail ski resort in Colorado is home to two Gondolas that take riders from Vail up into the mountains.

Passengers can enjoy breathtaking views as these Gondolas, known as Vail’s Gondola One and Eagle Bahn, whisk you up above 10,000ft.

The gondolas operate in both the summer and winter seasons transporting riders to the many activities available on the mountain.

The engineering marvels ensure that even if you’re not able to ski or hike you can still access the mountain and experience the views from the top.

In this post, we cover all the important information and frequently asked questions about these two gondolas so keep reading to find out more!


Vail gondola in summer
Vail Gondola Summer – Credit (Vail Mountain Resorts)

Gondola One

Gondola One was officially opened in 2012. Its opening marked the return of a Gondola service to Vail Village for the first time since 1976.

Gondola One is an impressive gondola with many modern features. It has 120 10-passenger cabins with heated seats (important during winter), LED lighting, and Wi-Fi.

If all 120 cabins are operating it can transport 3,600 skiers per hour making it tied for the fastest mono cable gondola in North America.

The gondola is fitted with exterior ski racks allowing skiers and snowboarders to transport their equipment up the mountain without taking up space inside the gondola.

During the summer season, there is space inside the gondola to transport mountain bikes.

Gondola One starts in Vail Village and rises 2,000 vertical feet (610m) to Mid-Vail.

Eagle Bahn Gondola

The Eagle Bahn Gondola is a bit older than Gondola One and was built in 1996.

Starting at Lionshead, the gondola can transport up to 12 people simultaneously and has a vertical rise of 2,125 feet (650m).

Eagle Bahn plays an important role, not only in transporting skiers and hikers up the mountain but also in providing visitors access to Vail’s Epic Discovery program at Eagle’s Nest.

If you happen to be in Vail during the summer season then make sure you ride the Eagle Bahn Gondola and take a ride on the Forest Flyer Mountain Coaster. You will not be disappointed!

How Long is the Scenic Gondola Ride in Vail?

The Eagle Bahn Gondola has a vertical climb of 2,125 and takes 8 minutes to transport about 3,000 passengers per hour from Lionshead Village to Eagle’s Nest.
Eagle Bahn Gondola – Vail Colorado

Vail’s Gondola One has a vertical climb of 2,000 (610m) and takes just over 9 minutes to transport about 3,600 passengers per hour from Vail Village to Mid-Vail.

Vail’s Gondola One – Summer

How Do You Get to the Vail Gondolas?

If you want to take a ride up Gondola One you’ll need to make your way to Vail Village, which is located in the centre of the map below.

If you want to ride up Eagle Bahn you’ll need to make your way to Lionshead, located on the far right of the map below.

Gondola One and Eagle Bahn Gondola on the Vail Winter Map

The two lifts are about a 15-minute walk from each other.

Vail Gondola Operating Hours

Summer Season

During the 2024 summer season (June – September), Gondola One and Eagle Bahn Gondola will have the following operating hours:

June 14 – September 2Daily09:30 am – 4:00 pm
September 6 – September 29Friday, Saturday & Sunday09:30 am – 4:00 pm

How Much Do the Vail Gondolas Cost?

Summer Season

During the summer months, Vail offers two scenic gondola rides – the Gondola One which leaves from Vail Village, and the Eagle Bahn which leaves from Lionshead Village.

At the time of writing, the online price for a scenic gondola ride in summer was as follows:

TicketPrice (gondola only)Price (incl. lunch)
Adult (ages 13-64)$59$84
Child (age 5-12)$39*$64
Senior (age 65+) + Military (active/retired)$49$74

*Guests receive one complimentary child ticket for each adult ticket purchase. A child is considered 12 and under.

Tickets can be purchased online or by visiting the Lionshead of Vail Village ticket office.

Winter Season

During the winter, Vail offers two scenic gondola rides – the Gondola One (#1) which leaves from Vail Village, and the Eagle Bahn (#19) which leaves from Lionshead Village.

In winter, you can add a lunch voucher at a discounted rate. Vouchers can be used at Mid Vail and Eagle’s Nest Marketplace.

At the time of writing, the online price for a scenic gondola ride in winter is as follows:

Adult (age 13+)$56
Child (age 5 – 12)$39
Adult with lunch$69
Child with lunch$59

Tickets can be purchased online.

If you already have a ski lift ticket there is no need to purchase the scenic gondola ticket.

Is the gondola at Vail free?

During summer the gondolas at Vail are not free. However, guests receive a free child ticket (under 12) for each adult ticket purchase.

During winter the Eagle Bahn Gondola is free to ride after 3:30 pm and stays open until 9:00 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many gondolas are at Vail?

Vail has two Gondolas, the Gondola One and the Eagle Bahn Gondola which operate in both the summer and winter seasons.

Can dogs ride the Vail gondola?

While dogs are permitted on all hiking trails in the valley they are not allowed to ride up the gondolas on Vail Mountain.

Where does the Vail Gondola take you?

The Gondola One starts in Vail Village and finishes in Mid-Vail. The Eagle Bahn Gondola starts at Lionshead Village and finishes at Eagles Nest.

At the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola, you will find the following activities in summer:

Can you ride the gondola in Vail without skiing?

During winter there are numerous activities you can do in Vail other than skiing or snowboarding.

One of the most popular non-skiing activities is a scenic ride on the Eagle Bahn gondola.

Both skiers and non-skiers can head up the gondola together. Those who are skiing/snowboarding can hit the slopes and make their way down to the bottom while the non-skiers can enjoy the views, restaurants, and other activities on offer.

The Eagle Bahn gondola is free after 3:30 pm, which is a great time to ride if you’re not skiing.

You can get off at the top to enjoy spectacular views of the snow-covered mountains. The last ride down is at 9:00 pm so you have plenty of time to enjoy yourself, including dinner at Bistro Fourteen.

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