What Exactly Does Ski-In Ski-Out Mean?

Heading to the mountains this winter? Looking at the different accommodation options and wondering what “ski-in ski-out” means?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Having stayed in this type of accommodation many times before we’ll explain the benefits, drawbacks and things to consider when booking ski-in ski-out accommodation to help you make a more informed decision for your ski trip this winter.

Picture of ski-in ski-out accomodation on a ski slope in the evening

What Does Ski-In Ski-Out Mean?

Ski in ski out refers to the type of accommodation available at some ski resorts. Because it is conveniently located right next to the ski slopes, you’re able to ski directly in and out of your accommodation. There is no need to walk or catch transport to start or finish your day on the mountain. 

That sounds pretty convenient, doesn’t it? 

There are few things better than just putting on your skis and heading straight onto the mountain.

Or how about skiing straight back into your accommodation after a full day on the mountain without having to walk or wait for transport?

But there’s more to it than that, and there are a number of things to consider when deciding whether to book ski-in ski-out accommodation.

Picture of a ski-in ski-out chalet

Benefits of Ski-In Ski-Out

Let’s start with the benefits. There are a few and that is why it is such sought-after accommodation at ski resorts.

We’ve detailed the benefits of ski-in ski-out accommodation for you below:

Access to Ski Slopes

Without a doubt, the main benefit of ski-in ski-out accommodation is the direct access to the slopes. You simply put on your ski gear and head straight onto the slopes.

You do not have to walk or catch any form of transport to ski or snowboard.

Time Saver

Being closer to the ski slopes means you never have to walk or catch any form of transport to get to and from your accommodation.

This is a huge timesaver!

The more time you spend getting to and from the ski slopes is time you could rather be spending on the mountain with friends and family.

Easy to Change Into and Out of Ski Gear

All ski-in ski-out hotels have rooms where you store all your skiing and snowboarding gear overnight.

These rooms have direct access to the slopes which makes it very easy for you to change into and out of year gear at the start or end of your day.

You never have to take any equipment to your room!

First Tracks in the Morning

An underrated benefit of ski in ski out accommodation is that if you’re up early you can get onto the slopes before anyone else.

You’ll be one of the first down the freshly groomed corduroy just outside your ski-in ski-out accommodation.

This a fantastic way to warm up and get your day started!

And because you’re one of the first on the mountain, you’ll be able to get onto the lifts and gondolas before most people.

Convenience During the Day

Another benefit of ski-in ski-out accommodation is the ability to head back to your hotel during the day without having to arrange transport.

Maybe you need to get something to eat or drink, sleep, or get some gear for a change in the weather or snow conditions.

This flexibility is great.

It’s just a matter of skiing into your hotel, doing whatever it is you need to do or collect and then heading out again.

You don’t have to wait or rely on anyone else.

Drawbacks of Ski-In Ski-Out

After that list of benefits, you might be wondering why anyone wouldn’t choose ski-in ski-out accommodation.

There are some drawbacks that make ski-in ski-out accommodation not suitable for everyone. We discuss these below:

Expect to Pay a Premium

Because of its location on the mountain and demand, you can expect to pay a premium for ski-in and ski-out accommodation. All the benefits listed above do come at a cost..

Whether this is a drawback for you depends on personal preference and budget but for most people, this is likely to be the deciding factor.

One way to avoid higher prices is to avoid holiday periods and weekends. Peak season is always going to be more expensive.

If you’re able to go when the resort isn’t as busy you’re more likely to find affordable ski-in and ski-out options.

Accessibility If You’re a Beginner

One of the downsides of some ski in ski out accommodations is that they can be located on ski slopes that are too technical for beginner skiers.

Depending on the ski resort, it is not uncommon for a ski-in ski-out hotel to be located on an intermediate run.

If you or someone in your group is a beginner skier, they’re unlikely to feel confident enough to ski in and out of the accommodation.

If this is the case then all of the benefits listed above are irrelevant.

In this scenario, it’s unlikely that you or the beginner skier will make use of the ski-in ski-out facilities.

Location Relative to Town

Another drawback of ski-in ski-out accommodation is that because it is located on the ski slopes it is often a fair distance from the ski town.

If you’re someone who enjoys being part of the ski resort atmosphere, walking around in the evenings and having quick access to the town then ski-in ski-out accommodation might not be for you.

You can of course access the town with transport which is often provided by the hotel.

It comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer the convenience of quick access to the slopes and do you prefer the convenience of quick access to the ski town?

Picture of ski-in ski-out accomodation on a ski slope in France

Advice For Selecting a Ski-In Ski-Out Accommodation

There are obviously a number of factors you’ll need to consider when looking for ski-in ski-out accommodation.

Things like price, availability, and extras are all important but these are specific to the individual and group so we won’t cover them here.

Instead, we’ll discuss a few things we think you should consider that you might not have thought about if you’re booking ski-in ski-out accommodation for the first time.

Ski-In Ski-Out Accommodation Availability

Ski-in ski-out accommodation is popular! If you’re considering this type of accommodation this winter season then make sure you book far in advance.

Firstly, you might actually be able to get a good rate if you book in advance. The later you leave it the more expensive it will be.

Secondly, the best ski-in ski-out accommodation sells out first. If you book early you’ll have more choices and you’ll be able to pick the best and most convenient for your budget.

And let’s not forget that ski-in ski-out accommodation is all about convenience!

Accommodation Location

The location of the ski-in ski-out accommodation in relation to the whole resort is something to consider.

If it’s located far from the resort town and you plan on going out at night then maybe you’re better suited for accommodation in town closer to the nightlife.

If you’re looking for a more secluded option then make sure you look for ski-in ski-out accommodation that isn’t located next to an Apres ski bar!

Which Ski Slope Does it Access?

One of the most important criteria is the ski slope on which the ski-in ski-out accommodation is located.

This is really important if you have new or beginner skiers or snowboarders in your group.

As discussed above, one of the drawbacks you might find is that your accommodation is located on a slope that is not suitable for beginner skiers.

If this is the case their unlikely to make use of the ski-in ski-out facilities, which kind of defeats the point of the accommodation (unless there are other reasons for staying there).

Make sure you look at the ski map and check the ski slope. Take the skill level of your group into account and decide whether the ski-in ski-out accommodation makes sense.

And don’t forget that ski slopes start the day groomed and often finish with moguls, slush and sometimes ice.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the ultimate skiing experience and convenience is at the top of your list then ski-in ski-out accommodation is a great option for you. The really is nothing that beats it!

But it is on the pricier side and skiing trips are sometimes more than just about skiing convenience. If this is the case then a ski-in ski-out hotel might not be best suited for you or your group.

Finally, if you’re considering ski-in ski-out accommodation this winter, then make sure you take the skill level of your group into account when assessing the location and make sure you book in advance.

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