Revelation Gondola – A Visitors Guide

Located at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada the Revelation Gondola plays an essential role in transporting summer and winter visitors up the mountain.

This article addresses all the common questions you might have about the Revelation Gondola so keep reading to find out more!

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View of the Revelation Gondola located at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in winter.
Revelation Gondola – Winter (Credit: Revelstoke Mountain Resort)

Revelation Gondola – Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Installed in 2008, the Revelation Gondola is a two-stage gondola that starts in Revelstoke Village and finishes at the Mackenzie Outpost.

Starting at an elevation of 512 meters (1,680 ft) and finishing at 1,676 meters (5,500 ft), the ride takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Although the gondola has one name it is in fact made up of two separate lifts with separate motors, haul ropes and bull wheels.

Each cabin has a capacity for 8 people and the gondola can transport up to 2,000 people per hour.

In winter and summer, guests must unload from Stage 1 and transfer to Stage 2 if they intend to head to the top of the mountain.

Activities at the Top of the Revelation Gondola

Whether you’re visiting in summer or winter you’ll want to access all the activities that the Revelstoke Mountain Resort has on offer.

The easiest way to access these activities is via the Revelation Gondola.

As mentioned above the Revelation Gondola is made up of two parts. If you want to access the top of the mountain you have to exit the gondola cabin at the mid-station and get into another cabin for the second part of the ride up.

Below, we’ve listed the main activities at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort that require gondola access:

Winter Activities

1. Skiing and Snowboarding

It goes without saying that the most popular activity in winter is skiing and snowboarding.

Whether it is the fresh powder or groomed corduroy slopes – Revelstoke has it all!

From the top of the Revelation Gondola, you can access the Stellar, Stoke and Ripper chair lifts.

These chair lifts give you access to the ski trails and incredible snow (an average of 10.5 meters per year) that Revelstoke has to offer.

Known for the longest vertical descent in North America at 1,713 meters (5,620 feet) and 3,121 mountain terrain, Revelstoke is a ski destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Summer Activities

2. The Pipe Mountain Coaster

This is the number one attraction at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in summer!

The Pipe Mountain Coaster is 1.4 km long (4,539 feet), reaches a speed of up to 42 km/h and has a downhill ride time of about 3 minutes depending on your speed.

This single-track coaster offers riders an exhilarating ride with multiple twists, turns and a tunnel as it makes its way down the mountainside – it is not something you want to miss!

To get to the Pipe Mountain Coaster you’ll need to catch the lower Revelation Gondola and jump off at the mid-station.

3. Mountain Biking

During the summer season, Revelstoke Mountain Resort offers a lift-accessed trail network (18 trails) catering to all mountain biking abilities.

One interesting fact to note about mountain biking at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort is that they do not permit bikers to pedal up from the base of the resort.

Mountain bikers must purchase a lift ticket and ride the Revelation Gondola to the start of the trails.

You can find out more about mountain biking at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort here.

You can also take a look at this video below for some inspiration!

4. Hiking

If mountain biking isn’t your thing or you’re looking for another summer activity then make sure you check out the hiking and sightseeing options at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

The Revelation Gondola provides lift access to the Mackenzie Output at 5,500 ft. From here you can gain access to 4 hiking trails ranging from 0.6 km to 7 km in length.

If you’re looking for a vertical climbing challenge then you can head up a trail called Kill The Banker which starts at the mid-station gondola and finishes at the Mackenzie Outpost.

This 3.4km trail zig-zags its way up the mountain following the route of the gondola.

You can find out more about hiking at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort here.

5. Sightseeing

Revelstoke is such an incredible place and is surrounded by the most unbelievable views.

The Revelation Gondola is a sightseeing experience itself as it whisks you up the mountain. The 20-minute ride is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the views on offer.

Once you reach the top, there are some specific sightseeing spots that you can head to – all a short walk from the Revelation Gondola.

Both the Glacier View Deck and Revelstoke Deck provide a great spot to take in the incredible views of the Monashee Mountains and the town below.

View of the Revelation Gondola heading up the mountain at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort in BC.
Revelation Gondola – Summer (Credit: Revelstoke Mountain Resort)

Revelation Gondola Operating Hours

During the summer season, the operating hours of the Revelation Gondola are as follows:

Lower Gondola9:30 am – 5:00 pm (last download 4:45)
Upper GondolaOpening June 24

As always, the hours of operation are subject to change. For the latest information refer to the official website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the gondola ride at Revelstoke?

The Revelstoke Gondola takes about 20 minutes to get from its starting point in the village up to its final destination at Mackenzie Outpost.

If you’re visiting in summer and you plan on riding the Pipe Mountain Coaster, then your ride will be much shorter as you’ll exit the gondola at the mid-station.

How high is the Revelstoke Gondola?

The Revelstoke Gondola starts at 512 meters (1,680 ft), climbs 1,164 vertical meters (3,820 feet) and finishes at an altitude of 1,676 meters (5,500 ft)

How many gondolas are there in Revelstoke?

In winter, the Revelstoke Mountain Resort has a total of 5 lifts with one gondola known as the Revelation Gondola.

Are dogs allowed on the Revelation Gondola?

Dogs are unfortunately not permitted on the Revelation Gondola.

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