Quicksilver Gondola Park City (Visitors Guide)

The Quicksilver Gondola, which was installed in 2015, is an 8-person highspeed gondola that serves as a connection between the once-separate Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Village Resort.

The introduction of the Quicksilver Gondola officially made Park City the largest ski resort in the United States.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Quicksilver Gondola then you have come to the right place. In this article, we aim to answer all the comment questions you might have.

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Quicksilver Gondola Map

In the winter trail map below, we’ve highlighted in yellow the Quicksilver Gondola connecting Park City and Canyons Village.

Park City Winter Map with Quicksilver Gondola highlighted in yellow

You can find the full Park City winter map available here.

Quicksilver Gondola – How To Get There

You can access the Quicksilver Gondola from Park City and Canyons Village.

Below we break down the easiest way to get to the gondola from both sides of the mountain.

How do I get to the Quick Silver Gondola from Park City?

From the Park City side, the best way to access the Quicksilver Gondola is to catch Crescent Express.

After a short walk uphill, this 4-person express lift will take you up the mountain where you can easily access the Quicksilver Gondola via the Claimjumper trail.

How do I get to the Quicksilver Gondola from Canyons Village?

From the Canyons Village side, the best way to access the Quicksilver Gondola is to hop on the Red Pine Gondola which finishes at the Red Pine Lodge.

At the top of the Red Pine Gondola ski down Chicane (intermediate) and take the Timberline lift to the Iron Mountain Express lift.

From there, ski Mercury to Chrome Alley (both intermediate runs) and then to the Quicksilver Gondola.

Quicksilver Gondola Operating Hours

The Quicksilver Gondola only operates during the winter season and typically opens around mid-December, depending on snow conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Gondola from Parky City to Canyons Village?

Yes – there is a gondola from Park City to Canyons Village known as the Quicksilver Gondola.

The gondola, which opened in 2015, connects these two ski resorts. The result is the largest ski area in the United States with 7,300 acres of ski terrain.

How long is the gondola from Park City to Canyons Village?

The Quicksilver Gondola, which connects Parky City to Canyons Village has a total ride time of about 8.5 minutes.

Most skiers and riders will stay in the gondola for the whole way even though there is an option of getting off midway at the top of Pinecone Ridge.

The reason for this is that the Park City side of Pinecone Ridge is considered expert terrain.

When did the Quicksilver Gondola open?

The official opening day of the Quicksilver gondola was December 18, 2015. The opening officially made Park City Resort the largest ski resort in the U.S.

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