Outlaw Mountain Coaster – Permanently Close (2023)

The Steamboat Springs Ski Resort in Colorado is the location of the Outlaw Mountain Coaster.

If you’re interested in this coaster, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Outlaw Mountain Coaster Steamboat Springs Ski Resort.

Outlaw Mountain Coaster: Update

The Outlaw Mountain Coaster is permanently closed as of 2022.

A very popular ride for visitors since its opening in 2017, this ride closed at the end of the 2021/2022 ski season due to new developments at the Steamboat Resort.

The project, known as Full Steam Ahead, will result in massive upgrades to the resort with the main project being the Wild Blue Gondola.

Unfortunately, the Outlaw Mountain Coaster has been removed and is unlikely to be replaced.

The good news for those who enjoyed the Outlaw Mountain Coaster is that the Steamboat Howler Alpine Slide located downtown at the Howelsen Hill Ski Area is available in summer.

How long is the Outlaw Mountain Coaster?

Reaching a speed of up to 27 mp/h (44 km/h), the Outlaw Mountain Coaster is 6,280 ft (1,914m) in length and offers riders an exhilarating ride down the mountain.

With a total vertical drop of 400 ft (122m), the ride includes multiple 360-degree loops, twists and turns as it makes its way down the mountain. 

The total ride time is about 8 minutes. This includes a 6-minute ride to the top and, depending on your speed, about a 2-minute ride to the bottom. That’s a pretty impressive descent so this is a ride you do not want to miss!

At 6,280 ft, this is one of the longest mountain coasters in North America!

The title for the longest mountain coaster is currently held by the Cliffside Mountain Coaster in Lake Placid, which has a total track length of 7,600 feet (2,316 m).

What is a Mountain Coaster?

If you’re unfamiliar with mountain coasters (also known as alpine coasters), check out the post we wrote.

Mountain or alpine coasters are essentially gravity-powered roller coasters that use the natural contours of a mountain to provide riders with a thrilling downhill ride experience.

Mountain coasters are a fantastic activity that the whole family can enjoy. However, given the nature of this ride, there are age and height restrictions that apply, these have been detailed below.

A great feature of mountain coasters is that they offer the option of two seats. This is great for parents with children that are too young to go on the ride alone.

In addition, mountain coasters are equipped with a manual brake which enables riders to adjust the speed of their descent. This unique feature of mountain coasters allows riders to have greater control of their experience. If things get a bit too fast for your liking you can apply the brake, if you’re more of the daredevil type then you can leave the brake untouched for maximum speed.

Another great feature of mountain coasters is that no prior experience or training is necessary. You can just jump in and enjoy the ride.

Wiegand Sports GmbH, the inventor of the alpine coaster and leading manufacturer with over 270 installations around the world, built this coaster. With this much experience, you know that you’re in good hands.

Outlaw Mountain Coaster Video

We’ve selected a video of the Outlaw Mountain Coaster for you to check out below. This should give you a good sense of what you can expect on this ride.

The Outlaw Mountain Coaster can be enjoyed in both summer and winter. The video below shows the experience you’re likely to have in winter.

Make sure to dress warmly, it can get pretty cold when on the descent.

How much does the Outlaw Mountain Coaster cost?

The Outlaw Mountain Coaster offers two different ticket options for you to take advantage of. Details of the options are below:

Ride (ages 3 and up)Price
Single ride$25
Unlimited ride$45

Update: The Outlaw Mountain Coaster is permanently closed as of 2022.

The good news for those who enjoyed the Outlaw Mountain Coaster is that the Steamboat Howler Alpine Slide located downtown at the Howelsen Hill Ski Area is available in summer.

Height and Age Restrictions

The key height and age restrictions to participate in this ride are listed below:

  • Children must be at least 3 years old and 38″ (97cm) tall.
  • The minimum height for single riders is 54″ (137cm).
  • If there are two people riding together, the minimum height for the passenger is 38″ (97cm) and the driver must be at least 54″ (137cm) and 16 years or older.
  • The maximum weight per cart is 375lbs (170kg) in dry conditions and 330lbs (150kg) in wet conditions.

Contact Details and Map

Contact information and website: All the relevant contact information, opening times and online ticket purchases can be found on the website here.

Operating hours: In winter the mountain coaster is open from 11:00-4.30 daily with extended hours during night skiing operations.

Map: The coaster can be found at the base of the ski area near the Christie Peak Express lift. Take a look at the map below for directions.

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