Heavenly Gondola – Everything You Need to Know (2023)

Located at the Heavenly Mountain Resort, the Heavenly Gondola transports summer and winter visitors from the Heavenly Village up the Sierra Nevada mountain.

The Heavenly Gondola plays an important role at the resort, making sure that visitors in both summer and winter are able to access the many activities on offer.

In this article, we address all the common questions you might have about the Heavenly Gondola, so keep reading to find out more!

Heavenly Mountain Resort Gondola (Credit: Heavenly Mountain Resort)

How Long Does the Heavenly Gondola Take?

The Heavenly Gondola is 2.4 miles (3.7 km) long and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

The gondola starts in Heavenly Village and finishes close to the Tamarack Lodge.

Heavenly Mountain Resort observation deck
Observation Deck – Credit (Heavenly Mountain Resort)

As the gondola approaches the top, passengers have the option to get out and explore the 360-degree observation deck where you observe a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe and its surroundings below.

Something we highly recommend when the weather is good!

If you’re looking for something to eat or drink then visit Cafe Blue at the Observation Deck. You can also wait until you reach the top, where you’ll find the Tamarack Lodge.

Please note that you can only access the observation deck on the way up. So if you plan on checking it out, make sure you do it then as you can’t get to it on the way down.

How Much Does it Cost to Ride the Heavenly Gondola?

At the time of writing, the cost for a Heavenly Scenic Gondola ticket ranges between $34 – $69, depending on the age of the rider and the day on which you ride.

Refer to the breakdown below:

RiderPeak Price ($)
Adult (ages 19-64)$69
Senior (ages 65+)$54
Teen (ages 13-18)$54
Child (ages 5-12)**$34

Please note that children aged 5 and under ride for free on the gondola.

However, they will still need to purchase separate tickets for the different activities available at the top of the mountain.

All tickets can be purchased online here.

For the summer season, there is also an option to purchase a combo ticket which is a combination of the scenic gondola ride and 1 – 3 activities at the top of the mountain.

Prices for these combo tickets are as follows:

TicketGondola + 1 ActivityGondola + 3 Activities
Height 54″+$99$149
Height 53″ and under$60$99
Over 54″ SR/Military$85$135

Due to the record snowfall this winter some of the activities at the top of the mountain are not yet open.

We recommend visiting the website to get the latest details.

Is the Heavenly Gondola free?

The Heavenly Gondola is not free to ride. You will need to purchase a lift ticket in advance.

If you have a ski pass/ticket then you can ride the gondola without having to purchase a separate gondola ticket.

Heavenly Gondola Operating Hours

The Heavenly Gondola will be open for the summer season on Friday, June 16th, 2023.

The gondola will be open 7 days a week from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

What Is There To Do at the Top of the Heavenly Gondola?

You’ve made it to the top and you might be wondering what else there is on offer.

We’ve solved that question for you!

There is no shortage of family-friendly summer activities available at the top of the Heavenly Gondola for you to try out – we’ve listed them below.

It’s worth noting that in most cases you’ll need to purchase a separate ticket to take part in these activities.

1. Hiking Trails
There are a number of hiking trails that start from the top of the Heavenly Gondola.

From there you can enjoy some of the best views of Lake Tahoe and access a series of hiking trails, ranging from beginner to expert.

One option is to use your Scenic Gondola ticket to access the Tamarack Express chairlift.

From here you can walk to the Carson Valley Overlook and then make your way along the Skyline Hiking Trail to the top of the Sky Express (chairlift).

This point has an elevation of 10,040 feet (3,060 meters) with some incredible views.

2. Granite Peak Climbing Wall
This man-made climbing wall is 25 feet tall with 15 defined climbing routes.

The climbing routes have varying levels of activity so even if you’re a beginner there is something for you to try.

3. Red Tail Zipline for Kids
A short zipline perfect for children. The zipline runs 15 feet off the ground and is 100 feet long.

4. Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster
The Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster is one of our favourite activities on the mountain.

Reaching a speed of up to 27 mp/h (40km/h) this mountain coaster is 3,400 in length and offers riders an exhilarating ride.

This is a great activity for the whole family!

We always recommend visiting the Heavenly Mountain Resort website to confirm which activities are operating before you get there.

5. Food and Drink

If you’re looking for something to eat or drink then you can head over to Tamarack Lodge and Bar 9150. Here you’ll find a large dining hall with food snacks and drinks.

Location and How To Get There

Where is the Heavenly Gondola?

The Heavenly Gondola is located in the Heavenly Village in South Lake.

Address: 4080 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150.

Directions to the Heavenly Gondola can also be found on the map below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Heavenly Gondola take you?

The Heavenly Gondola takes you from the centre of Heavenly Village up the mountain and finishes close to the Tamarack Lodge.

From here you can access a number of outdoor activities in summer and ski/snowboard in winter.

How many gondolas are at Heavenly Mountain Resort?

There is only one gondola operating at the Heavenly Mountain Resort.

This gondola transports visitors in summer and winter from the Heavenly Village up to the top of the mountain, finishing close to the Tamarack Lodge.

How high is the gondola in Lake Tahoe?

The highest elevation point on the Heavenly Gondola, close to the Tamarack Lodge, is 9,136 feet (2,785 meters) above sea level.

The Observation Deck, which is a stop you can hop off at on your way up, is 9,123 feet (2,781 meters) above sea level.

The highest point at the Heavenly Mountain Resort is 10,040 feet (3,060 meters), which is located at the top of the Sky Express chairlift.

Does the Heavenly Gondola run in summer?

The Heavenly Gondola runs during the summer season.

You can purchase a scenic gondola ticket and enjoy the ride views as you head up into the mountains. Make sure you stop off at the observation deck on the way up.

There are also a number of family-friendly activities that you can do when you reach the top.

Can I take my dog on the Heavenly Gondola?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take dogs on the Heavenly Gondola.

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